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3X3 Pro Basketball League: Results from Round 3 of 3BL Season 2

Harmandeep Singh, Inderbir Singh Gill, and Neena Hareendran
Harmandeep Singh, Inderbir Singh Gill, and Neena Hareendran (3X3BL/Twitter)

For the third consecutive weekend, India's only FIBA-recognised 3X3 league - the 3x3 Pro Basketball League Indian Sub-continent (3X3BL) - was at the Lovely Professional University campus in Jalandhar for Round 3 of their second season.

The same format carried over from Round 2.

Here's how the results panned out in the group stage of the Women's league:

Team 1 Score Team 2
Kochi Stars 19-17 Ludhiana Queens
Pune Panthers 22-16 Delhi Divas
Jaipur Regals 14-21 Ludhiana Queens
Coimbatore Spunkies 20-7 Delhi Divas
Kochi Stars 12-6 Jaipur Regals
Coimbatore Spunkies 14-13 Pune Panthers

While the group stage of the women's league had just two close encounters, including one upset at the expense of Pune Panthers (13-14), the knockout contests of Round 3 were exciting, to say the least.

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Kochi Stars, the defending champions, beat out the Round 1 champions Pune Panthers in a thrilling 17-12 semifinal. In the second semifinal, the Ludhiana Queens made it to their first final when they beat out the Coimbatore Spunkies 21-18.

In the final, the Kochi Stars repeated as champions by defeating the Ludhiana Queens by 1-point in a 17-16 clash. Neena Hareendran was named MVP for Round 3 of 3X3BWL Season 1.

As in Round 2, on Saturday, the six men's teams from Conference A competed and here are the results from the group stage:

Team 1 Score Team 2
Chandigarh Challengers 15-21 Aizawl Legends
Goa Snipers 19-21 Bangalore Machas
Chennai Icon 10-21 Aizawl Legends
Delhi Hoopers 22-20 Bangalore Machas
Chandigarh Challengers 19-21 Chennai Icon
Goa Snipers 21-16 Delhi Hoopers

After being crowned Champions in Rounds 1 and 2, Chandigarh Challengers, without Amjyot Singh Gill, failed to win a single game in Round 3.

Other than one 11-point blowout, the group stage of Conference A was very competitive and it carried over to the three knockout games as well.

In the first semifinal, the Snipers edged out the Legends 21-19 and in the second one, Akilan Pari called game:

However, in the final, Pari and his squad came out short against the Snipers 18-19 and Harmandeep Singh was named Conference A MVP of Round 3.

If Conference A was filled with action, Conference B upped the ante on Sunday. Here's how the group stage results went:

Team 1 Score Team 2
Gurugram Masters 21-20 Lucknow Ligers
Mumbai Heroes 20-14 Ahmedabad Wingers
Hyderabad Ballers 15-22 Lucknow Ligers
Kolkata Warriors 21-16 Ahmedabad Wingers
Gurugram Masters 16-14 Hyderabad Ballers
Mumbai Heroes 22-11 Kolkata Warriors

Inderbir Singh Gill and the Mumbai Heroes clinched their second title in Round 3 when they beat the Gurugram Masters in a repeat of the Round 2 Finals.

In an absolutely entertaining contest, the Heroes beat the defeating champions 21-18.

Both teams progressed to the finals with easy semifinal results. The Heroes beat the Ligers 22-16 and the Masters cruised past the Kolkata Warriors 22-13.

For yet another fantastic show, the General, Inderbir Singh, was named Conference B MVP for Round 3.

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