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Basketball Federation of India grants formal recognition to 3BL, India's only FIBA recognized 3×3 professional basketball league

In a move that could boost India's basketball ranking in the world, especially in the quicker 3x3 format, the 3BL received formal recognition from the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) on Friday (May 14).

3BL, India's only FIBA recognized 3×3 professional basketball league, has already successfully completed two full seasons in India (2018, 2019).

"We are thrilled as well as excited to be exclusively recognized by BFI and FIBA. This elevates us among the only 3x3 basketball professional leagues in the world to be exclusively recognized by the international and national bodies. India has all the potential for becoming a basketball superpower in the 21st century and 3BL is keen to play a constructive role by building a pathway for top talent right from the grassroots to the world stage," said the chairman of 3BL, Yoshiya Kato, about the leagues association with BFI.

It was slated to hold tryouts in major cities for Season 3 in early 2021 but it has been put on hold considering the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

With this new association between the BFI and 3BL, national team players can also participate in the professional league, which is expected to majorly feature in India's national basketball calendar going forward.

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As more and more players continue to participate in India's 3BL, their points, provided by the ranking system, will help increase India's 3x3 ranking which in turn could assist the qualification of teams for the Olympics as early as Paris in 2024.

At the time this was announced, India is ranked 67th in men and 58th among women worldwide.

"3BL is striving to improve the 3×3 competition and environment in India, especially for Indian basketball players. We will be working together with BFI to ensure India becomes a dominant force in 3×3 basketball in the world. We are very thankful to Mr. Govindaraj Kempareddy and Mr. Chander Mukhi Sharma for entrusting us with this journey we call Road to Olympics" told Mr. Rohit Bakshi, Commissioner 3BL, on the association.

Participation in the 3BL also provides domestic players, male and female, the opportunity to play alongside elite foreign players which will only help increase the standard of basketball.

This could be the turning point in India's position on the international stage, especially in the 3x3 format. So, watch out and stay tuned.

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