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Commissioner Rohit Bakshi announces schedule, cities and other key details about 3BL Season 3

3X3BL League Commissioner Rohit Bakshi

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every sport in nearly every country in the world in 2020.

India's only FIBA-recognised 3X3 league - the 3x3 Pro Basketball League Indian Sub-continent (3X3BL) - was one of the many.

It saw no action in 2020 but as everybody prepared to say goodbye to the difficult year to look ahead to 2021, 3BL Commissioner Rohit Bakshi made some major announcements that surely brought a smile to all basketball players and fans in India.

Making a guest appearance on Ekalavyas' Patel & Kumar NBA Talkshow - Bakshi announced key details regarding Season 3 of the 3BL in 2021.

"This year, we couldn't do anything because of the situation and we're really hoping to come back strong with the new players," Bakshi said. "This is something that people, especially in the basketball community, look forward to throughout the year."

Here's a short summary of all the details of Season 3 that Commissioner Bakshi shared:

Registration and Tryouts

Any player, above the age of 18, can register for Season 3 under any one of the three levels - Professional, Amateur, and Corporate.

If you are interested and wish to take part in the tryouts for Season 3 of the 3BL, register now by clicking here.

International players can also register for Season 3 as the Commissioner mentioned that there will be at least one spot for international players on every one of the 12 teams.

Here's a look at the schedule and host cities for the four tryouts ahead of 3BL Season 3:

Date Zone City
May 2, 2021 North Chandigarh
May 8, 2021 East Aizawl
May 16, 2021 South Chennai
May 23, 2021 West Goa

Season 3 schedule info

The tentative schedule for Season 3, which will include six rounds, is set for August and September of 2021.

Although the dates and locations of the host cities were not announced, Commissioner Bakshi did mention that all six rounds will be in different cities and will be conducted only on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) - similar to the format the league followed in its first season in 2018.

He further mentions that for the first time ever one of the six host cities will be outside India - in a city in Sri Lanka.

3BL Merchandise launch

As part of his appearance, Commissioner Bakshi also announced the launch of the official 3BL merchandise. It includes a wristband and a black facial mask with the 3BL logo on it, and the official 3X3 Wilson basketball.

All of these will be official on the 3X3BL website's SHOP section, something that will be made accessible from 7 AM onwards on Jan. 15.

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