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Elfrid Payton passes Magic Johnson and James Harden in history books with fifth consecutive triple-double

On Tuesday, New Orleans Pelicans guard Elfrid Payton recorded his fifth consecutive triple-double.

The streak started on March 10, when Payton put up 15 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks. He's since posted 14 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists against the Milwaukee Bucks and 14 points, 16 assists and 12 rebounds against the Portland Trail Blazers, followed by 16 points, 16 assists and 13 rebounds against the Phoenix Suns this past weekend.

Today, it was 19 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds in an overtime win over the Dallas Mavericks.

Unfortunately for Payton, the Pelicans lost all four games aside from tonight - three of them by double figures and one of them in heartbreaking fashion in overtime.

Even so, Payton is now a part of some elite company. According to Basketball-Reference , he's one of only three players since 1983-84 to finish with a triple-double in at least four straight games, the other two being Michael Jordan and Russell Westbrook.

Of those three, Westbrook is the only one to do it multiple times. The one-time MVP also holds the record for 11 consecutive triple-doubles, which he did earlier this season.

Most consecutive triple-doubles in NBA history
Rank Player Date Games
1 Russell Westbrook Jan. 1 - Feb. 14, 2019 11
2 Michael Jordan March 25 - April 6, 1989 7
3 Russell Westbrook Nov. 25 - Dec. 9, 2016 7
4 Russell Westbrook March 22 - April 4, 2017 7
5 Russell Westbrook March 10 - March 18, 2018 5
6 Elfrid Payton March 10 - March 19, 2019 5
7 Russell Westbrook Feb. 15 - Feb. 28, 2017 4
8 Russell Westbrook March 9 - March 16, 2017 4
9 Russell Westbrook Feb. 24 - March 4, 2015 4
10 James Harden March 12 - March 18, 2017 4
11 Magic Johnson March 31 - April 5, 1987 4

Payton will have an opportunity to surpass Westbrook's five-triple-double streak on Wednesday when the Pelicans travel to take on the Orlando Magic.

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