NBA2K Daily: The season goes on virtually with Friday's NBA schedule simulated on NBA 2K20

With the actual regular season suspended indefinitely, we're left without our daily NBA fix. In order to try and fill that vacancy in your life, we're here to give you a simulated version of the real NBA schedule on NBA 2K20 each day!

With the rest of last week unaccounted for, we're picking things up this week with daily updates to follow.

Below we have you covered with today's schedule, top performers, obscure stat lines, key results, other news and an updated playoff picture!

Key wins, losses, upsets

• The Magic allowed the Cavaliers to score 35 points in the fourth quarter to complete a comeback win behind a very realistic 21 points and 22 rebounds from Andre Drummond. Orlando now falls to the No. 8 seed in the East with only 13 games remaining to try and avoid being swept in the first round against the Bucks. The pressure is on.

• Just like in real life, the 76ers can't win on the road with a disappointing loss at the virtual Spectrum Center in Charlotte against the lottery-bound Hornets being the latest case. After Tobias Harris and Al Horford combined for nine points shooting 3-for-17 from the field, Philly sports talk radio is ready to run the Sixers' two $100-plus million signings from this offseason out of town.

• Portland fans are furious with the Bucks as the Trail Blazers pulled off an upset win over the Mavericks to inch closer to that final playoff spot, but the league's best team couldn't hold down home court against the No. 8 seed Grizzlies. Is this instant virtual karma for Portland stealing Nikola Mirotic from Milwaukee? Commissioner Adam Silver may have to look in to the Bucks intentionally throwing this game.

Top virtual performers

Giannis Antetokounmpo - 31 points, 15 rebounds

Carmelo Anthony - 23 points 10 rebounds, 3 assists

Andre Drummond - 21 points, 22 rebounds

Devonte' Graham - 30 points, 10 assists, 7 3PM

Damian Lillard - 44 points, 6 assists

Jonas Valanciunas - 24 points, 10 rebounds

Obscure stat lines

George Hill - 26 points, 8-8 FG, 3-3 3PT, 7-7 FT. Buckets. Hill didn't miss a single shot and you'd assume that would lead to a Bucks win, but Eric Bledsoe's eight points on 2-for-13 shooting from the field didn't help.

Al Horford - 4 points, 1-10 FG in 29 minutes. Not great.

March 20 schedule

Cleveland Cavaliers 124, Orlando Magic 122

Charlotte Hornets 126, Philadelphia 76ers 108

Houston Rockets 126, Sacramento Kings 94

Memphis Grizzlies 126, Milwaukee Bucks 124

Portland Trail Blazers 125, Dallas Mavericks 107

Updated playoff race

Eastern Conference
Rank Team Record Win pct. Games back
1. Bucks 56-13 .812 -
2. Raptors 49-18 .731 6.0
3. Celtics 46-22 .676 9.5
4. Heat 44-25 .638 12.0
5. Pacers 40-27 .597 15.0
6. 76ers 40-29 .580 16.0
7. Nets 32-36 .471 23.5
8. Magic 32-37 .464 24.0
- Wizards 25-43 .368 30.5

Western Conference
Rank Team Record Win pct. Games back
1. Lakers 53-14 .791 -
2. Clippers 47-21 .691 6.5
3. Nuggets 46-22 .676 7.5
4. Thunder 43-26 .623 11.0
5. Rockets 42-26 .612 11.5
6. Jazz 41-28 .594 13.0
7. Mavericks 41-30 .577 14.0
8. Grizzlies 35-35 .500 19.5
- Blazers 33-37 .471 21.5
- Pelicans 30-39 .435 24.0
- Spurs 29-38 .433 24.0
- Kings 29-39 .426 24.5

The views here do not represent those of the NBA or its clubs.

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