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Riyanshu Negi: NBA Academy India graduate commits to Crandall University


Riyanshu Negi's dream has come true.

On Friday (ET), DME Sports Academy revealed that Negi has committed to Crandall University, a liberal arts university in New Brunswick, Canada.

"I am incredibly grateful to Crandall University and coach Todd for this opportunity and look forward to developing my game and contributing to the Chargers' campaigns on the court, while also advancing my academic goals," said Negi. "I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey and showing continued faith in my abilities."

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"The Crandall Men's Basketball Program is extremely excited to welcome Riyanshu Negi to the team. Riyanshu brings a very high basketball IQ with him and the ability to shoot the ball from deep," said Todd McKillop, head coach, Crandall University. "He also has great maturity and plenty of leadership potential and will be a great fit within our program's culture."

Through the ACG-NBA Jump Program, Negi was among the first batch of student-athletes to join NBA Academy India when it first opened its doors in 2017. He also participated in a number of basketball development camps, including the 2017 and 2018 NBA Academy Games, as well as the 2017 NBA Asia Pacific Camp in China.

Negi worked his way into the history books last year by signing with the DME Sports Academy, becoming the fourth male student-athlete from NBA Academy India to commit to a high-school or college basketball program in the United States. He joined Jagshaanbir Singh (Golden State Prep, Point Park University), Pranav Prince (First Love Christian Academy) and Amaan Sandhu (First Love Christian Academy).

"DME Academy will give me the opportunity to play in front of college scouts, so that's huge," Negi told India's Yash Matange at the time.

"If I can do good and I'll keep improving as a player and as a person, I have a high chance to play Division 1 Basketball in America."

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