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NBA Academy India's Pranav Prince impresses with his work ethic and attitude

NBA Academy India's Pranav Prince.

In May of 2018, Pranav Prince was one of eight prospects that were selected to be the second batch of student-athletes to receive scholarships and training at the NBA Academy India.

Of the shortlisted 50 for the ACG Jump NBA Finals, he was one of the eight selected, therefore there was something in him that the coaches saw.

"When you look at Prince, you see that's what a basketball player looks like," said Todd Gates, the strength and conditioning coach at the NBA Academy India.

"One thing that is lacking from him, is size. He is a stick. So, for him, it was about putting on weight," Gates further added.

Now, over a year since he joined, the boy from Kerala has impressed his coaches at the Academy.

Gates, Prince's coach, also seems very impressed with his work ethic and attitude.

"He is very very good," Gates adds about the boy from Thriuvanthapram in Kerala.

"Flexible, mobile, gets all the way down on his squats. Doesn't take sets or reps off. Pushes himself. He encourages his teammates, which I really love, and he wants to get stronger and better."

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Meanwhile, Prince credits the improvement in his physique to his new diet and his weight training in the gym.

"Eating good diet, the change of food was completely good for me. I had never lifted weights before coming here," said Prince.

After he spent a year at the Academy, Prince has been picked to the rosters for key tournaments.

In June, he was part of the Indian U16 squad that went unbeaten in the SABA Basketball Championships 2019, helping the country book their spot in next month's FIBA U16 Asia Cup.

A few days after that, he represented NBA Academy India at the NBA Academy Games in Atlanta.

He was one of only three players (Achintya Krishna, and Lokendra Singh) from the Academy to take part in both of the above tournaments.

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