The best quotes from NBA All-Star 2019 media day


While the action on the court provides plenty of highlights, some of the best moments from the All-Star Weekend come from the players answering questions from all over the world.

Players are swamped by media from all parts of the globe as they answer serious questions to the peculiar ones.

Here are the best quotes from the players' media availabilty ahead of the NBA's All-Star Saturday night.

James Harden's beard treatment

"Conditioner and shampoo, making sure it's nice and fluffy. I got a haircut yesterday, so it look real good."

Giannis on being the All-Star captain

"I'm leading the All-Star team. You know, picking with LeBron James. If you told me that six years ago, I would never, never, never thought I would be in this position right now."

Kyrie Irving on Ben Simmons

"His impact on the floor for his teammates, what he does to control the game and just his overall talent."

Kawhi Leonard on Raptors

"Like I said before, time will tell where our journey is going to end, but I think we have a good chance of getting to the Finals and winning it. But we still got a lot of work to do."

Lowry's picks for NBA MVP

"The three top guys are James, Giannis and PG. My prediction? Man, I'm gonna go with Giannis with the way his team his playing. But PG is making a strong case and James as well. I think they should just do all three MVPs. That's my choice."

LeBron on Wade

"The bitter part of it, that this is his last weekend being in All-Star Weekend and knowing that his journey is coming to an end as far as a basketball player."

Steph on Giannis' defensive ASG plan

"That's a savvy plan. He might need to tell them before the game just to make sure they understand that's what his expectations are, for sure."

The 68th NBA All-Star game will take place on Monday 18 February 2019, from 12:00pm AEDT, available on ESPN and NBA League Pass.

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