All-Star 2020

NBA All-Star Game 2020: From Michael Jordan to LeBron James, a year-by-year look at leaders in fan voting

With less than one week remaining in the All-Star fan vote, LeBron James still holds a narrow lead over Luka Doncic for the overall lead.


The 15-time All-Star is no stranger to leading the field when it comes to All-Star voting as he's finished first in each of the last three seasons.

Here is the schedule for 2020 All-Star voting (all dates IST):

  • Christmas Day: voting begins
  • January 3: first update on fan vote
  • January 10: second update on fan vote
  • January 17: third update on fan vote
  • January 21: final day for voting
  • January 24: All-Star starters announced
  • January 31: All-Star reserves announced

Here is a look at the year-by-year leaders dating back to the 1974-75 season, which is when fans first had the opportunity to vote. Prior to that season, a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters were responsible for selecting the All-Star starters along with three reserves for each Conference. Coaches then determined the rest of the roster.

Year Leader
2020 LeBron James*
2019 LeBron James
2018 LeBron James
2017 LeBron James
2016 Kobe Bryant
2015 Stephen Curry
2014 LeBron James
2013 Kobe Bryant
2012 Dwight Howard
2011 Kobe Bryant
2010 LeBron James
2009 Dwight Howard
2008 Kevin Garnett
2007 LeBron James
2006 Yao Ming
2005 Yao Ming
2004 Vince Carter
2003 Kobe Bryant
2002 Vince Carter
2001 Vince Carter
2000 Vince Carter
1998 Michael Jordan
1997 Michael Jordan
1996 Grant Hill
1995 Grant Hill
1994 Charles Barkley
1993 Michael Jordan
1992 Michael Jordan
1991 Michael Jordan
1990 Michael Jordan
1989 Michael Jordan
1988 Michael Jordan
1987 Michael Jordan
1986 Magic Johnson
1985 Magic Johnson
1984 Moses Malone
1983 Julius Erving
1982 Julius Erving
1981 Julius Erving
1980 George Gervin
1979 George Gervin
1978 Julius Erving
1977 David Thompson
1976 Rick Barry
1975 Bob McAdoo

* Through second release

Here's a breakdown of the total number of times that players have led in All-Star voting. This does not include this year, which would be the seventh year leading for LeBron James.

Years as Vote Leader
Michael Jordan 9
LeBron James 6
Vince Carter 4
Kobe Bryant 4
Julius Erving 4
Dwight Howard 2
Yao Ming 2
Grant Hill 2
Magic Johnson 2
George Gervin 2
Stephen Curry 1
Kevin Garnett 1
Charles Barkley 1
Moses Malone 1
David Thompson 1
Bob McAdoo 1
Rick Barry 1

You'll notice that total votes have not been included. While it is able to find them elsewhere, it's important to note that the manner in which voting has changed is so significant that it's impossible to make apples-to-apples comparison from one era to the next. Today's vote is mostly online and over social media with "2-for-1 voting" promotions that count votes twice for certain days. Contrast that with previous eras in which fans could only submit paper ballots found in actual NBA arenas, and it becomes clear why comparing the voting totals for LeBron James and Michael Jordan to be difficult.

For that reason, we've omitted the inclusion of total votes.

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