NBA Finals

NBA Finals 2019: Sights and Sounds from the Golden State Warriors' Game 2 win over the Toronto Raptors

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Is there a better country at singing a National Anthem than Canada?

Answer: No. No there isn't.

Grammy Award-winning artist Alessia Cara lead a rousing and spine-tingling rendition of 'O Canada', often stopping singing as the crowd took over.

Jurassic Park

Once again, Jurassic Park was pumping with the lines to get in crawling all the way around the stadium to the Bay St station entrance.

The signs in both Jurassic Park and in the line to get in were amazing - unfortunately, not all of them could predict the future

Down Under meets The North

Toronto Raptors may rep 'We The North' - but that isn't the only compass direction you can find their fans with a number of Raps fans from the 'Great Southern Land' Australia making their way to Game 2.

James and Courtney Auclair traveled from Australia for Games 1 and 2 of the Finals, getting tickets to Game 1 and watching Game 2 from Jurassic Park.

They took a bit of a gamble and booked their flights to Toronto for The Finals on an impulse straight after Kawhi Leonard's buzzer-beating shot to beat the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

James said that they were feeling quite nervous as their team went down 0-2 to start the Eastern Conference Finals but their confidence never waivered that they would be in the city to witness Finals history.

Another Aussie at the game was Colin Treadwell from Melbourne, who took out a second mortgage witness his team's first ever playoffs campaign.

Colin missed the first game, but managed to get his first glimpse of Raptors Finals action in Game 2.

Obama was here!

Barack Obama was in the house! 44 was taking in the game as a guest of Adam Silver and received MVP chants when he appeared on the jumbotron.

For those interested, Obama was drinking Tim Horton's. He's one of us.


After blowing up the internet in Game 1, Drake was a little bit more lowkey in this game. He did manage to throw a shot at Kevin Durant by wearing a hoodie with Kevin from Home Alone on the back.

However, Durant alongside Klay Thompson got back at Durant post-game throwing some shade Drake's way as he was leaving the arena.

"See you in The Bay, Aubrey," Kevin Durant yelled out to Drake.

Then Klay piped in saying "You weren't talking tonight, were you? Dumb***."

Drake, who has KD's 35 tattooed on his arm definitely took a big L here.

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