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NBA Playoffs 2021: Donovan Mitchell clarifies health status after late-game collision with Paul George

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In the final seconds of the Utah Jazz's 117-11 Game 2 win over the LA Clippers, Donovan Mitchell fell to the ground following a collision with Paul George.

The young All-Star seemed to be in some discomfort, took a while getting back on his feet and then, walked gingerly on his right leg (ankle).

He did sink in two free throws for the foul but favoured his right leg, although he did seem to be able to get better at walking on it with time.

"I'm great. No problems," Mitchell answered postgame when he was asked about his status.

The 6-foot-1 guard carried the Jazz on offence early, scoring 27 of his game-high 37 in the first half.

While the Clippers fought back in the second half, especially on defence by deploying a zone, the Jazz outlasted them even with Mitchell scoring only seven of the team's 24 points in the final period.

Given his value to the team, the collision came up again and Mitchell was asked to specify what was it that he hurt as he was limping. So, the All-Star clarified.

"I got hit, and it hurt, but I'm fine now. I walked in here. I can sprint for you if you want me to. ... S--- happens."

After missing Game 1 of the 2021 playoffs, Mitchell has averaged 32.7 points per game in 32.6 minutes in these playoffs and led the team to an unbeaten 6-0 record. Will that continue as this Conference Semifinals series shifts to Los Angeles?

Only time will tell. Game 3 is scheduled after a day off on Saturday, June 12 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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