NBA Playoffs: All-time leaders in postseason career assists

Magic Johnson, arguably the greatest point guard in NBA history, sits atop the leaderboard for most playoff career assists. In second, is Utah Jazz legend John Stockton, who trails his fellow Dream Teamer by over 500 assists.

As can be seen below, LeBron James, who ranks 3rd with 1687 assists prior to the 2020 playoffs, is the only active player on the top 10 of this list.

Here are the top 10 players for most playoff career assists:

Rank Player Playoff career assists Playoff games
1 Magic Johnson 2346 190
2 John Stockton 1839 182
3 LeBron James 1687 239
4 Jason Kidd 1263 158
5 Tony Parker 1143 226
6 Larry Bird 1062 164
7 Steve Nash 1061 120
8 Scottie Pippen 1048 208
9 Kobe Bryant 1040 220
10 Michael Jordan 1022 179

Given the role of point forward that James plays on the Lakers and the possibility of the franchise having a deep 2020 postseason run, he could surpass Stockton for second.

The next highest active player on the list is James' teammate Rajon Rondo. He is placed 13th with 981 postseason career assists and despite his current injury situation, he could jump to 11th spot, surpassing Isiah Thomas (12th) and Dennis Johnson (11th) who have 987 and 1006 career assists respectively.

The other active players in the top 40 of this list are Chirs Paul (865, 21st), Russell Westbrook (778, 26th), Draymond Green (754, 31st), Stephen Curry (704, 32nd), and James Harden (650, 36th).

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