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Recapping all NBA Basketball School India's fun and interactive sessions from India on Track's Online Sports Festival 2.0

The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over but technology has helped bridge the distance.

Last week, from Dec. 8 to 13, India on Track conducted its second Online Sports Festival and NBA Basketball School India was one of four technical partners to participate.

Apart from an hour of training sessions each day, kids that signed up also got to attend and experience more over the six days.

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Masterclass sessions

Among the other key features of the festival were a couple of Masterclass sessions.

One was focused on fitness and ball handling with Coach Natalia Andre - a member of the Basketball Operations Team, NBA Asia - while the other was a special match analysis session led by Nico Loureiro, Basketball Operations, Latin America

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Interactive session with Raspreet Sidhu

During the first go-around of the festival, back in September, NBA G League Ignite's Princepal Singh had checked-in for the interactive session with the young kids from the NBA Basketball School program.

This time around, it was Raspreet Sidhu - Captain of the Indian Women's Basketball Team.

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India on Track's Online Sports Festival 2.0 was the second such event in the last four months and just one of many ways the NBA Basketball School India program has connected with kids at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

They have also conducted special virtual classes, and video calls with NBA Academy India student-athletes.

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