Steph Curry says potential return of Andrew Bogut to the Warriors is 'exciting' - 'He knows how we do things around here'

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Andrew Bogut looks closer to signing with the Golden State Warriors for the remainder of the season, according to reports, and his former teammates are elated to have the big man back in the Bay.

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"It's so exciting, weird, blast from the past," point guard Steph Curry told reporters today.

"Obviously, I know they've got a couple more steps before it's official, but he's a guy that we have a lot of experience with.

"He knows our system, he knows how we do things around here. He was instrumental in that turnaround to become a championship caliber team.

"The fact that he's doing what he's doing in Australia [means] he obviously still knows how to play the game, so he'll be able to help us."

After Bogut was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers in January 2018, he returned to Australia, signing a two-year deal with the Sydney Kings where he led them to the playoffs, earning the league's Most Valuable Player award as well as being named the Defensive Player of the Year.

When he signed with the Kings in 2018, Bogut stated that he was retired from the NBA, making his potential return to the Warriors a surprise for a lot of people, Curry included.

"I figured once he went to Australia, that would probably be the last we saw of him in NBA circles," Curry said.

"So when his name came up, I thought it was kind of one-sided. Like, we're familiar with him, we like him, let's call him and see if he's interested - I didn't get the mutual vibe, and now it's about to happen, so that's pretty cool.

With DeMarcus Cousins, Jordan Bell, Damian Jones and Kevon Looney making up the Warriors current big man rotation, it's unclear how coach Steve Kerr plans to use Bogut in the current rotation, but Curry expects Bogut to fit right back in with the current group and do what he does best, "what he's done his entire career."

"Who knows how many minutes he'll play or what the situations will be obviously with DeMarcus [Cousins] back," Curry added.

"But he brings toughness, high IQ, rim protector; just a physical toughness that is kind of hard to find."

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