Updated best odds to win the 2020 NBA championship

LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy
LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy (Getty Images)

The latest odds to win the 2020 NBA championship have been released by Caesars Entertainment.

The top three favourites remain unchanged from prior to the season's suspension back in March.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers are the favourites to win the title followed by the Bucks and Clippers.

Some of the other most notable trends:

  • The Houston Rockets have tied for the fourth-best odds overall despite sitting in sixth in the Western Conference.
  • The Toronto Raptors have worse odds than the Boston Celtics despite holding a three-game lead for second in the East.
  • The Brooklyn Nets are now 60-1 to win the title. Back in March - when it was presumed both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would be out for the season - the Nets were 750-1.
  • The Pelicans (50-1) and Blazers (75-1) have significantly better odds than the Grizzlies (500-1) despite trailing Memphis in the West.
Team Odds Current Place
Lakers 2-1 1st in West
Bucks 11-4 1st in East
Clippers 13-4 2nd in West
Celtics 15-1 3rd in East
Rockets 15-1 6th in West
Raptors 17-1 2nd in East
Nuggets 22-1 3rd in West
76ers 25-1 6th in East
Mavericks 35-1 7th in West
Heat 40-1 4th in Eat
Pelicans 50-1 T-9th in West
Nets 60-1 7th in East
Jazz 60-1 4th in West
Thunder 60-1 5th in West
Blazers 75-1 T-9th in West
Pacers 125-1 5th in East
Grizzlies 500-1 8th in West
Suns 500-1 13th in West
Magic 750-1 8th in East
Wizards 1,000-1 9th in East
Spurs 1,000-1 12th in West
Kings 2,000-1 11th in West

The current plan is for the season to resume in Orlando, Florida. Each of the 22 teams invited will play eight more regular season games followed by a 16-team playoff that will follow the normal format with best-of-seven in every round. The most notable change is the potential for play-in games for the eighth and final seed in either conference. If the ninth-place team is within four games, there will be a play-in for the final spot that's single elimination for the team in eighth and double elimination for the team in ninth.

The views expressed here do not represent those of the NBA or its clubs.

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